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November 04, 2011



That describes every complaint I've made this year:
I can't believe I have to walk all the way downstairs to pick up my paper at the printer.
I don't think I can turn my laptop in for an entire week in the summer; I need it.
It would so much easier if I had a Smartboard in my room instead of having to reserve it in the library.
Why can't I put a microwave in my room?
Why does this school insist on getting the crappy WB Mason pens when Bics are so much better?

Yes, I've actually said all of these. I'm gonna go donate to UNICEF now.

Barbara Rimkunas

The microwave in my office is old and slow and undependable.
Our answering machine sometimes cuts off the message.
My computer is sooooooooooo slow. Sometimes it takes five minutes to download all my email.
People call me to get our hours - even though they are clearly posted on our website.
People call me with questions about things I have written entire newspaper columns about and that are still available online especially if one types "Swasey Parkway" into google.


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