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October 24, 2013



So true. I looked at pintrest for inspiration for Erik's party and it sent my stress levels straight through the roof. Then I started clicking through looking for source material and discovered the parties were staged by photographers and graphic designers! They weren't even real!


You could not BE more right. So I will come out of the closet on this one and reveal that, when my older son turned 1, we visited Grandma a week afterward, bringing along a birthday cake so we could have a "party" with Grandma and a few cousins who live near her. I dressed my son in the same shirt he wore on his real birthday, when we opened a couple of presents and took pictures ... so it would later appear, in the scrapbook of photos I have not yet compiled, that all the festivities happened on ONE AND THE SAME DAY.


I am one of those moms (which I think are very few of us) who will not go all out for birthday parties. I don't rent special spaces either. I will if asked get a themed paper products and have in the past gotten a pinata or two. But for the most part it's just cake some music and let them play. No planed activities just let them play what ever they come up with at the moment. I think there were only 4 parties (I have 3 kids) where I went "all out" One was a devised a treasure hunt for a pirate themed party, another was a string web to find a Spiderman coloring book that had their thank you written inside to take home and for my daughter a home made princess hats for the girls one year and another year ribbons on a stick for dancing with. The boys never complained and liked the open concept parties best because they could do their own thing. My daughter complains that she wants to have her party at different places like her friends but her dance party birthdays are always a hit. I will admit that we have a large playroom in the basement with disco lights.

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