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July 20, 2014


Kim Crisp

Well said. As you stated, the immediate effect of the new summertime paradigm on children is obvious. Equally troublesome is the loss of the essential life skills that playing in large, unsupervised groups engendered in those of us who were lucky enough to spend our summer days frolicking with our friends without schedules, constant parental oversight or agendas. I worked in a fifth grade classroom a few years ago, and was horrified by children who had to constantly defer to an adult for every decision. I was often reduced to gently saying to children, "Honey, don't you think you can figure that out yourself?".

I'm paying for my son to attend six weeks of Camp Lincoln this summer to do essentially what I did for free as a kid, I would LOVE and PREFER to have him at home, playing outside with friends, but the neighborhood is a ghost town. Everyone is off doing their scheduled activities.

My retired aunt, who was the dean of students at a large college in California, has stayed involved with professional consortia for the state colleges. She told me that most universities are having serious issues with the hoards of students who have fabulous resumes chocked full of activities and accomplishments, but cannot function on their without parental oversight.

I fear for my old age, as these kids will be the adults taking care of me in the nursing home.

OK, I'll stop now, because I'm starting to sound like my grandmother talking about the Great Depression. :)


AMEN!! Who has a treehouse? That's where they should congregate. (Hint: no one has treehouses anymore, they're clearly Not Safe.)

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