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August 01, 2006



You must have a conscience and constitution made of steel. I could not survive these many "heat waves" (in quotes because they are decidedly JV compared to NYC heat waves) without an air conditioner in the evening.

Grouchy? Hell, you're entitled to be murderous.


Don't worry about the name thing...when I went into labor with my first son, I spent the afternoon frantically going through the baby name book because we hadn't come up with a boy's name yet and I felt sure he'd be a boy. When my husband called from work instead of saying "I'm in labor. Come home now!" I said, "What do you think of the name Milo?" And it turned out the perfect name for him. When the twins were due, my husband and I went to the hospital each with a list of names, none of which the other liked. I knew for sure one baby would be Emmet (my first choice, which he hated) and I thought I'd go with Simon for the other. After they were born, he realized Emmet was the perfect name for Twin B, and a name from his list that I hadn't liked at all (Zephyr) just kept calling out to me, so that's what we named Twin A. I like to think the babies played a role in naming themselves (at least that's what I'll tell them when they go "What were you thinking nameing me THAT?") Frankly, I find it a little creepy when someone barely even visibly pregnant pats her belly and says, "We've got little Olivia's nursery all painted, now if I could just find the perfect rocking horse for her." What if Olivia turns out to really be a Gretchen or and Esmerelda or, worse, Oliver?


I still haven't seen Brokeback Mountain and can't remember the last time I was in a movie theater. I desperately need to find a babysitter!

Definitely take all the pregancy sympathy you can get! It's one of the perks of being pregnant.

It would be hard to blog about your teen. I certainly wouldn't have wanted my mother writing about me.

Names, I don't know. Search in your family history--that's where we got two of our three names and all the middle names. You can always do a variation on the name if it isn't exactly what you want. And you can have a couple of possible names and just wait until she's born to pick the right one.


It is sad to say, but I have spent way too much time thinking up potential baby names for you.
I have no idea if they are trendy baby names or hohum obvious names that you have already crossed off your list, as I have minimal interaction with small children or pregnant women.
Here are some names that I like:
Jillian (Jill), Eleanor, Julia, Allison, Amelia, Catherine, Tessa, Camilla (Millie)


I like a lot of those names! And Camilla is a new addition to the potentials list ... thanks!

Woman with Kids

I think naming her "Girl" would be fine... She'd fit right in with India's animals.


I'm proud to say that India's name reflects family history -- I'm Caroline's sister, and "Sarah" is India's middle name. (Plus it was the first name of one of our great-great-grandmothers.)

What a coincidence -- I just suggested "Eleanor" to Caroline!
I also mentioned the name "Joya." It's the name of a woman in a John D. MacDonald mystery novel I was rereading. I haven't seen this monicker anywhere else, but I like it.

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