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August 07, 2006



Yay! A name! Isn't it hard, as a teacher, to pick out names?


Yeah, a drive by my "lawn" will make you feel better. The crabgrass is growing across my front walk...NICE.

I meant to tell you the other day, we basically Weisbluth'd the Bird on the big girl bed by putting a gate on her door. Eventually she gives up the shenanigans and gets back in bed. Cruel, but EFFECTIVE!


Aw! I'm glad to be your lifeline, ma soeur chere. Any old time.


My oldest was 3.5 when we finally took away the binky for good. She's about to turn 7 and I think she still misses it--though taking it away went better than I expected (Binky Fairy visited and brought great gifts). I won't even say when we ended the sippy cup use.

Sisters are great! Mine lives much too far away.

And love the name--must feel good to have that resolved!


Not that my vote should matter in the slightest, but I think Celeste is lovely. And I can't pronounce it except with a French accent and then it sounds even nicer.

Good luck with selecting a nickname in advance, by the way. Never worked for us, at all.

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