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August 20, 2006



Yes...all toddlers HATE diaper changes. With firstborn I made up this song (to tune of Frere Jaque, what else?) "who is poopy? who is poopy? milo is. milo is. let's go change your diaper. let's go change your diaper. wipe wipe wipe. wipe wipe wipe." With his brothers, I have to hold them down with a knee/elbow just to get the diaper on semi-straight so it might catch some of the stuff it's designed to catch. I also have to sing every item of clothing on..."put your arm in your shirt, in your shirt..." on and on, ad nauseum. It is humiliating to find yourself singing inane songs about poop, but it gets you through the day (let it be noted that I also do not have a, shall we say, bell-like voice). Then when Milo was three (and potty trained! praise the mother goddess!) I would put clean undies and t-shirt on him before bed, so in the morning all we had to do was add shorts/jeans. This also cuts back on laundry. When he was 4 (and dressed himself--praise the mother goddess some more) he would wear the same thing for about 5 days in a row (which also cut down on laundry). This resulted in fights only when I got to the point of "you've got to wear something different or your preschool will turn me in for parental neglect." It does get better...and worse...now I say, "go get dressed (or brush your teeth, or put on pajamas, or whatever)" and he disappears into the bedroom/bathroom only to emerge 20 minutes later completely unchanged. Ugh!

P.S. I do not know why parenting books do not mention these things, except that they're mostly written by male doctors who are probably never home with their children (if they have any) because they're too busy being doctors and writing books.


ARGH! The Bird would also stew in her own juices until the end of time.

I say to her (whilst pinning her down with all four of my limbs), "If you don't like having your diaper changed, just pee in the potty."

Yeah. It's not working.


Libby refuses to have her diaper changed. It's rather annoying...and smelly. There is usually wrestling involved, threats of time outs, no jumping time...all to no avail. If you find something that works...share! Please! I'll pay!


Sounds like my nephew and his love of diaper changes. He screams "papa pooped papa pooped!" whenever anyone tries to change him b/c he wants to divert attention. I don't know what I'm going to do when E gets to that stage. Probably a good thing I'm lifting weights now.

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